Hypnobirthing FAQs


What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a rubbish name, that leads to all sorts of ‘what the…?’s’ When really, it’s pretty simple. Hypnobirthing is full antenatal birth preparation. Preparing the mind, body, and the mind… again. Because, what you’ll learn is that our brain has a huge impact on the physiology of our birthing body. We grow up learning that birth is something to be really afraid of. This deep-rooted negativity and fear, actually makes birth more painful! So, in Hypnobirthing we smash that theory, focusing on tools and techniques to reprogram how your subconscious feels about birth – the aim is that you remain in a parasympathetic state during labour, therefore maximising and harnessing your body’s natural birthing power.

This, along with prepping your birth partner, decision making tools, coping techniques, navigating the maternity system, maximising birthing hormones, (and MUCH MORE) stacks the odds in your favour for a more positive birth, where you can confidently face your birth journey as it unfolds.

The aim is for a positive birth, wherever and however it may happen. 


When should I start a course?

Hypnobirthing is suitable from any time in pregnancy. There is no harm in starting a course early, as it only gives you more time to practise the techniques. However, I do usually say from around 24 weeks as a guide. Most people do their course anywhere between 20-37 weeks!


What if I have found Hypnobirthing late in my pregnancy?

Not to worry! You can still gain LOADS from Hypnobirthing, even if you are at the end of your pregnancy. I run a shorter Hypnobirthing Essentials Workshop, which is ideal for those with very limited time before baby arrives! You’ll still come away with all the main and most important elements of Hypnobirthing to set you up for a positive birth experience. 


Will I be hypnotised?

No! You don’t have to worry about being hypnotised. In Hypnobirthing we learn techniques so that we can access an altered state of deep relaxation. If this is practised enough, we can easily get to this state during labour, which can aid a calmer, more in control, often more comfortable birth. In our classes we do guided hypnosis relaxations to practise this, but you cannot get ‘stuck’ in this state, you are always in control. 


Should my birth partner attend too?

Ideally, yes. Your birth partner plays a vital role on your birth-day and in your birth preparation. Everything we learn is  so valuable for your birth partner(s) to know; from how to create a brilliant birth environment, to decision-making tools, to ways they can support you with different comfort measures.

However! If you don’t have a birth partner that is absolutely fine too. Whatever works for you, or whatever you’re most comfortable with suits me.


Is Hypnobirthing just appropriate for natural births?

Nope! Another misconception. 

Hypnobirthing is for ALL BIRTHS. Firstly, yes we learn incredible Hypnobirthing techniques which are (tried and tested) a complete game-changer for birth – but this is birth education and preparation. This information is so important to know, however you plan to, or subsequently end up birthing your baby. Hypnobirthing techniques really can be used to make all births more positive. If you are planning a cesarean section, just get in touch and we can do a bespoke workshop for you.


Does doing your course guarantee me a pain-free birth?

Unfortunately not, that’s not how it works. 

However, it does stack the odds in your favour of a natural, physiological birth! The overall the cumulative effect of changing your mindset, breath work and relaxation, distraction tools and having a clear understanding of how we can support our bodies towards a physiological birth, can reframe how we experience pain. The tools you learn with Hypnobirthing can absolutely make labour easier, and in some cases painless – but this is not guaranteed, nor is it the point. I want you to focus on having a POSITIVE birth, not a PAINLESS birth. 


Yes please! Where do I sign up?

Click HERE to book your course! With just a £50 deposit your place will be secured, and we can starting planning and preparing for your positive birth experience! 


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