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Here you'll find all the antenatal courses you need to get you feeling confident about your upcoming birth!

You deserve a positive birth experience. What if I told you that you could feel powerful, in tune with your body and NOT afraid during labour? Welcome to Hypnobirthing!
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As a qualified Hypnobirthing Coach, former Midwife and Mother of 2, I provide my 5* rated birth preparation courses across Somerset & Online. I am passionate about preparing women and their birth partners for a better, more informed and empowering birth - however and wherever you choose to have your baby.

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Are you looking for a comprehensive antenatal Hypnobirthing course? Or you may be requiring a shorter 'refresher' Hypnobirthing course, or just the essentials to go alongside another antenatal class - I've got you covered! See below for course options:

Coming up in Summer 2024…


> July 2024 Taunton Hypnobirthing course – FULLY BOOKED

> August 2024 Taunton Hypnobirthing course – perfect if you are due in Autumn 2024

> September Hypnobirthing course – perfect if you are due towards the end of 2024. Dates TBA soon!

> Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions available to book NOW! – New September Sessions now available to book!


To understand the incredible benefits of Hypnobrithing, read: 5 game-changing reasons why Hypnobirthing is worth your investment!


Hypnobirthing FAQs



Why should I prepare for birth with Hypnobirthing?

You may be faced with many choices during your pregnancy and birth. Having an understanding of some of these beforehand will mean there are minimal surprises and questions on the day. You will have already had plenty of time to discuss these with your birth partner, so you know what is really important to both of you.

I believe that knowledge is power! The more you know about the birthing process, the more in control and empowered you will feel to make decisions about your birth and your baby.
We focus on changing how you feel about birth, by releasing any fears you both have. This in turn will have a positive impact on your birthing experience.

Gaining a new understanding of how your birthing body works and how best to support it can equip you for a calmer, more comfortable birth. Knowing normal birth physiology is not only fascinating, but it may also help you feel more in tune with what your body is going through.
You'll learn tools and techniques to support this physiology and remain in control.

Doing all the birth prep is GREAT, but we do understand that like life, birth can be unpredictable. It is therefore important to be able to stay calm to be able to make informed decisions that are right for you and your baby, if the time comes to need some support or assistance. We will also discuss how best to navigate and work with your chosen birth team (whether it be Doula, Midwife, Obstetricians, Theatre team).

Feeling prepared for your ideal birth, whilst being equipped with the tools to face any scenario, can support you to feel more involved with (and informed during) whatever turn your birth may take.

I know that the day you meet your baby will be with you forever, so I want this experience to be something you talk about for years with positivity and incredible memories. It will be one of the biggest days of you life - you can enjoy it and it can be beautiful!

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